To stave off insanity while living in beautiful Shropshire in early 2010 Rebekah randomly picked up an old pyrography machine - you know, one of those hideous thing that looks like a soldering iron - and started burning fantasy artwork on wooden things.


When she found she couldn't stop due to the addictive smell of burning wood and creating dragons, she roped her mother Janet into doing it too! They have shiny new machines that have buttons and everything now though.

Once the art brain had been awakened once again, Rebekah and Janet branched into multimedia art creation - painting, sculpting and ceramics.

With two very different art styles and now with other artistic mediums to play with, you can buy the unique and original fantasy artwork of the Morganna Craft ladies HERE online or catch us at an event in person.


Inspired by worlds of fantasy, gothic, steampunk, nature, history, geek-love and world cultures Morganna Craft create each piece with love and careful attention.

Every art piece is individually designed, free-hand drawn and burned or painted; the jewellery is handmade; and Morganna Craft print some of their own items as well.

Bespoke artwork commissions are eagerly undertaken for any occasion and can be designed along with you to suit whatever you need. We'll even ship it all over the world.


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Llanelli United Kingdom


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